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Student Success Program

The Student Athlete Success Program emphasizes our commitment to academic success by supporting student athletes in meeting their educational goals in compliance with institutional, NJCAA, and transfer academic standards.


  • To create and foster an environment of academic excellence for all student athletes by:
  • Facilitating an academic monitoring system based on systematic interaction with college faculty.
  • Empowering student athletes by linking them with relative resources and support services which best enhance their academic achievement.
  • Encouraging the development of academic traits to best prepare student athletes to achieve their academic, athletic, and personal goals.

Goals of the Program:

  • Instill in student athletes the understanding and acceptance of the importance of academic success.
  • Provide student athletes with regular academic progress updates.
  • Identify and address areas of academic concern.
  • Connect student athletes with the relative student services and resources available to facilitate success.
  • Include all stake holders in the academic progress of the student athlete (S.A., Coaches, Instructors, and Support staff).

Brief Overview:

The Student Athlete Academic Success Program obtains academic progress reports for all registered student athletes throughout the academic term. Student Athletes identified as in need of academic support are required to meet with the program coordinator and the appropriate faculty member to address areas for improvement and establish an academic action plan. Student athletes are connected with the support services and resources to best address their individual needs and assist in achieving their goals. The progress of student athletes in meeting the goals set forth in their plan of action is monitored, reviewed, and reassessed on a weekly basis until goals are met.